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Update 8-13-2006
The new website is launched! After a few days of beta testing everything is good. The Site isn't complete... but it's up. The following sections are still under construction: Art, Music, Photo, T-Shirt Printing, Shoes, Links. So about half of the site. Expect a more complete version within the next few weeks. If you are wondering wherethe forums are they have moved. They are now big enough to be out on their own with tiimo.com holding it's hand. The forums are now located at: http://www.tiimo.info.
Update 8-7-2006
Welcome to the new/improved www.tiimo.com.
I appologize for the mess on both this site and the DankSteeze site. They are kind of low on the priority list. Other clients, shirts, art, summer reading(?), and chilling are a little more important right now so expect the transition to be slow. I'd like both sites to be done by the end of September. Thanks for your patience. I added the last few updates (I know they are really old) to kill some empty space.
Update 3-1-2006
Word. DANK STEEZE APPAREL is now in business! Order there is only one print so far that is limited edition and if you are extra cool you can pick up a rare and soon to be valuable misprint shirt that has a minor flaw/defect. They are and always will be dank so you won't have to worry about ever going out of style ever again! Click on the link to the store, which for right now is just a forum where you leave your name and size and color and I'll bring it the next day. Soon there will be an actual eStore but that will take a little time. So hit it up and support DANK STEEZE APPAREL!
Update 2-3-2006
The site SHOULD be fixed now for all browsers... for all of you who are unfortuante and caannot use the radical browsing power also known as Safari will now be able to enjoy the real looking tiimo.com! TIGHT! The forums link works now too. Check back for a working store and more links.
Update 2-3-2006
So I busted out a fresh dice rolling application so that Barry doesnt have to do so much work when running the mad Games going on the the FORUMS!. So yeah go join the fun. Barry is the other moderator of the forums since he is so skilled in the art of T-Mizzling. He runs the games. So join em.